Spring Rejuvenation!

In Chinese Medicine, spring is a time of rebirth, revitalisation and the beginning of the yang phase of the seasonal cycle.

The spring yang energy motivates you into activity. You may feel like exercising, cleaning or embarking on a detox program - it's the perfect time to overhaul your body and life.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, health problems may arise in spring due to depleted energy (not conserving enough energy in winter), overdoing exercise and not expressing yourself openly.

Feel your best this spring:

  1. Build your exercise regime slowly - after some time hibernating a slow start back into the swing of things can prevent injury.

  2. Free your body - spring’s yang energy want to rise up and move - let it. Freeing yourself through Tai Chi, Qigong and dance can be a great way to loosen mind and free your energy system.

  3. Express yourself - make a consistent effort to speak out - speak your mind and speak truthfully. Maybe even start a journal.

  4. Wake earlier - go to bed earlier so you can wake earlier and start each day off with gentle exercise and a glass of lemon water before breakfast.

  5. Healthy diet - aim for salads and green fruits and vegetables - and remember to chew your food properly!

  6. Book in for a tune up - with the change of seasons, acupuncture helps to rebalance your energy levels which helps prevent illness.

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