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Our practitioners


Meet our experienced team of practitioners who are dedicated to providing the best health and wellness therapies. 


Juan Deleon

Qigong and Reiki

  • Dip.Rem.Mass. Dip.Or.Mass.

  • Certified Qigong Teacher & Practitioner

  • Reiki Master

  • Member A.T.M.S.


As an active member of the health and wellness industry for the last 20 years, Juan has spent his career focusing on helping individuals, families, and groups to develop knowledge and practice of a healthy lifestyle.


As a Qigong and Reiki Master, Juan combines techniques like Qigong therapies, massage therapies, Qigong exercises, Tai Chi, breathing and meditation into his individual treatments.  


Juan uses this combination of techniques to works on different levels of the body - using strength to relieve pressure and stress within the physical body to revitalise and restore internal energy, organs, and meridians.



Emanuela Girotto

Counselling, Inner Transformation & Conscious Relating

Emanuela’s therapeutic approach is holistic and integrative, including elements of person-centered therapy as well as a body-oriented approach to therapy.


Emanuela is passionate about supporting individuals to know themselves more deeply and to grow so that they can connect with trust in themselves and life.

With a special interest in helping individuals to learn the art of deep and sustained intimacy and to create the quality of relationship they seek.

Melissa Weaver


Coming from a corporate background, Melissa understands the stresses that come with juggling the everyday routine and the surprises our life and work bring.


Melissa’s aim is to look beyond the symptoms and treat the root of the cause of health imbalances before they turn to further 'dis-ease'.


As a Kinesiology and Reiki therapist, Melissa believes we can facilitate our own self-health to create a mindset of well-being by defining and removing the physical or emotional stresses and imbalances in our lives.


Olivia Soha

Eating Disorder Coaching

Olivia is a Certified Eating Disorder Coach and founder of Uncovery.

Through her own lived experience with an eating disorder several years ago, she experienced first-hand the lack of compassionate support, guidance, and care available for those experiencing an eating disorder in Australia. After successfully navigating her own recovery, she spent months
researching various modalities of eating disorder treatment in the USA.


She found a common thread in her research: Having access to someone recovered plays a pivotal role in recovery by providing hope and motivation, and the belief that overcoming the eating disorder is possible. This inspired her to train with The Carolyn Costin InstituteTM, and bring the innovative and necessary Eating Disorder Coaching service to Australia.

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