The basic principle of The Learning Love Work is to help people reconnect with a basic trust in themselves and to learn the art of deep, committed, and sustained intimacy. You will also learn tools to relate and communicate consciously.


As within so without. We are often not aware of how we co-create the painful patterns and situations we wish to change in our relationship with others and ourselves. By gently bringing awareness and love to our unconscious internal world and beliefs that were shaped by our environment we can transform limiting patterns.  


What kind of issues? Some people come because they’re stuck, some with a persistent sense of dissatisfaction or because of past trauma that is still making itself felt in day to day life. Others simply because they feel a yearning to know and understand themselves better or want to feel more aliveness and peace.


Examples of challenges that can be addressed:

  • Difficulties in relationships, co-dependency, feeling unloved or unlovable

  • Avoiding relationship

  • Seeking relationship

  • Issues in relating sexually

  • Jealousy in relationship or at work

  • Anger at oneself and others

  • Sense of not being good enough

  • Fear of speaking-up and being heard, of having a voice

  • Difficulties in setting limits and saying no

  • Fear to start new projects or to do the work you really want to do

  • Lack of joy and pleasure in life, sense of hopelessness




By learning to re-balance the nervous system we create the foundation for physical, mental and emotional health.


Somatic Experiencing allows us to release deeply stored emotions, anxiety and fear that are often not influenced by our rational thinking. So for example we can know that we don't need to freeze in public speaking but the nervous system doesn't respond to our command. These responses of our nervous system are usually shaped by past experiences. We are often not aware of how deeply certain experiences have marked us and can at times live with symptoms without knowing why. To resolve symptoms with Somatic Experiencing it is not required to know what situations or environment caused them in the first place. 


Somatic Experiencing is a pioneering body awareness approach to healing accumulated stress or trauma. It focuses on experiencing the ‘felt sense’ in the present moment to relieve the physical, emotional and physiological effects of stress and trauma.


Anybody who wishes to regain a sense of empowerment by learning about and experiencing their body’s natural ability to calm itself after strong feelings or activation caused by a situation they perceive as being stressful or threatening can benefit from this neuroscience researched and naturalistic approach to resolving stress and trauma.


This approach is helpful for resolving accumulated stress, trauma, a current stressful or threatening situation or everyday stress and tension.

Emanuela Girotto

Counselling, Inner Transformation & Conscious Relating


  • Learning Love therapist

  • Transpersonal Counsellor (Adv.dip)

  • Somatic Experiencing Stress and Trauma Therapist


It starts with recognizing that something is missing or not working in our life or having a particular issue to resolve……


Emanuela’s therapeutic approach is holistic and integrative, including elements of person-centered therapy as well as a body-oriented approach to therapy.


Emanuela is passionate about supporting individuals to know themselves more deeply and to grow so that they can connect with trust in themselves and life.

With a special interest in helping individuals to learn the art of deep and sustained intimacy and to create the quality of relationship they seek.


Emanuela’s own journey of coming back to herself and the art of curating conscious relationship has inspired her to share the gifts she has received with others. Her life experience, personal transformation and extensive inner and outer work along with her depth and knowledge brings about her unique capacity to hold space and facilitate inner growth and sustained change within her clients.



In essence transpersonal counselling is a genuinely holistic practice concerned with the body, the mind and the spirit. A transpersonal counsellor takes a holistic approach, viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development and growth. (Not in a religious sense)


Transpersonal Counselling integrates Western and Eastern psychology, and upholds that consciousness, energy and nature are also central to the human experience.


It empowers the individual to change by recognising their natural compulsion for self-actualisation and greater wholeness. It also upholds that finding meaning is essential for psychological health and shows us that we have the ability to influence our own healing on all levels, including physical.


Transpersonal counselling is suitable for those that are interested in increasing individual awareness of body, mind, and spirit with a view to transforming the way we interact with ourselves and others and bringing deeper meaning to the journey of life.


Examples of challenges that can be addressed:

Anxiety, depression, lack of joy and pleasure in life, sense of hopelessness, grief, missing direction, meaning and purpose.

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