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Harmonia Health is built around the idea of living well.


Living well is more than eating the right foods, exercising often or being a good person. It’s about being harmonious in the way we choose to live.


Harmonious in the decisions we make every day, our attitudes, and our actions.


Harmonia Health is a place where we can focus on ourselves, inside and out. A place where the best natural therapists in town share their ideas and a place where you can feel at home. A place where you can choose to live well.

Juan Deleon


Over the last 20 years, founder of Harmonia Health, Juan Deleon has been an active member of the health and wellness industry.


Working extensively in health retreats and running his own practices in Sydney and Melbourne, Juan’s focus has been on helping individuals, families and groups develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Juan’s mission for Harmonia Health was clear; create a space where he felt proud to practice.


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